Beliefs..….Where do they come from? Most of what we believe, we did not choose and would not choose today. The truth is, our beliefs hide in the shadows directing our unconscious thoughts, determining the results we produced with our well intention-ed effort.

Here is another truth, we can choose our beliefs NOW, in this moment by becoming aware, challenging our consciousness and living in the energy of our results. Questions are the quickest path to exposing our limiting beliefs and choice and persistence is the beginning of the process of changing the beliefs which are not supporting your success.

We do know for certain that when you are working toward an end; a worthy ideal, you and I must believe on some level that we are going to arrive. Belief the size of a mustard seed transforms to a mountain in the presence of persistence, faith, and understanding of the laws which govern the existence of all things. Belief does not expand or collapse in a vacuum and Praxis is a concept which ties these ideas together. We explore beliefs and praxis in detail in the transformational program Thinking Into Results.  ‪#‎welcometoyourlife‬ ‪#‎thinkingintoresults‬ ‪#‎lesson8‬
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Its Time