Creation, goals, ideas….can be a jagged slope to traverse. See, you think you believe you are ready to have what you want. You have this inspired idea, and you have studied Universal Law and you are applying the principles. You become emotionally involved with the idea, you see the image on the screen of your mind. You are taking action, now from where you are, and it just keeps getting further  away!!!.

What are you doing wrong? Nothing, by law, the feedback you are receiving is telling you, your just not ready. If your not ready, keep working on yourself. Keep studying, keep seeking clarity of the image of the ideal. Understand why you want it and by all means expand your faith and belief in the ideal. When we acquire alignment on our three planes of existence, the clear path to what we seek will appear. This is Belief… must Believe. Engage in the questions, open yourself to the answers. Take the action you are inspired to take. Be yourself! This is mastery of your mind

What I described above is thinking truth is spite of appearances.  Outward appearances are a reflection of what is going on inside of you.  When there is chaos on the outside. Things are not the way you want them to be…..understand nothing is broken, it is just a sign that the image you have in your mind is chaotic.  How do we shift it?  Shift the energy.


We think in pictures.  Our environment is the image we have in our mind.  If you do not like the “what” you are living, change the image, and more importantly believe in your image, your vision and that the changes you make will make a difference.  How does it work?  How do you get the image to become clear.  The most effective way is through writing.

Write a description of you in possession of your goal in vivid detail/  This will help you get the image.  Writing causes thinking, thinking creates an image because we think in pictures.  The image will create an emotion.  This emotional involvement causes an imprint on your subconscious mind, which is the microprocessor of your mind.  It is processes millions of bits of information each second, subconsciously, outside of your awareness.  Start Doing

If the image is clear, you will be guided to opportunities which support the image.  You only job is to act when the opportunities show up.  This is the reason for the personal growth, the study and the exercise to maintain an high energetic alignment…..vibration.  This is done through reading, meditation, exercise, and really anything which makes you happy.  There is an opportunity to say no to that which does not make you happy.  Progress is how you feel……

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