Experience has taught me that there are no short cuts to success. Yet there are ways to create the illusion of a short cut– tools and resources that can help you accelerate your growth, so that you achieve your goals and realize your dreams in far less time then you ever could have on your own. The single most effective success accelerator of all is Personal Coaching.

Perhaps you are of the belief that engaging the services of a Personal Coach or Mentor is for someone else. Who knows where we acquire beliefs that limit us? We hire accountants, attorneys, doctors, hair stylists, and mechanics for their expertise on handling things outside of us and our expertise.

Why not a consider a Personal Coach for yourself?

This is not just anyone……it is Someone who will encourage, enlighten and inspire you to take a hold of your personal power. That same personal power with which you CAN create the happiness, well being and prosperity you desire. Athletes, teams and businesses have Coaches who look at the big picture for the the people in the trenches. A Personal Coach can do the same for you.

The power of coaching lies in the fact that it provides you with the most critical ingredients for extraordinary, consistent success: Ongoing support, detailed action plans, constructive feedback, and most importantly, personal accountability. When you know that you have agreed to regularly report on the actions you have taken to achieve your goals– to a person who is going to give you expert, informed criticism and unwavering encouragement all the way to the finish line– your commitment, enthusiasm and belief in your abilities increases exponentially. You become an unstoppable force for personal achievement. .

I believe the time is coming when enrolling with a Personal Coach will be standard practice. Times, technology and science are changing. Sometimes this change is so rapid that we cannot keep up with the speed and momentum of the evolution. New discoveries, new ways of getting things done, perhaps even in your line of work are appearing daily. One of the valuable tools I enlist my personal coaching clients with is the awareness and ability to unlearn what is no longer true for them. I help to engage the often untapped faculties of your mind to become aware of what is not currently serving you and we will work together to reprogram habits developed a long time ago and currently do not serve you. The fact that it is a habit, actually means you are probably unaware that you even do it!


Our biggest challenge is lack of awareness. I find that most people are unaware that there is a way out of the box they are in. They think “this is the way it is” and “nothing can be done about the results I am getting.” This is a false belief and something can be done! It starts with your decision. It starts with a conversation, I call it a 20 minute strategy session, to see where you are and where you want to go and how we can work to get you there! (My gift to you for helping me get the word out.)

There are (millions of) people out there who are stuck, unhappy, unfulfilled and just plain tired of the way things are. I can help!. Maybe is not you at this point, yet there are people you know who need what I have to offer them. Personal Coaching will soon be as mainstream as going to the Dentist. Individuals in great numbers are realizing that they have deep reservoirs of talent and ability —and they possess the inherent power to bring them forth and use them to shape their destinies.
Accept your Greatness!
Edward Wheeler DC
Personal Coach- Thinking Into Results
Professor of International Business Applied Mind Science
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