When we get to the end, there are a couple of questions we will want the answers to. I think the questions are the same whether it involves looking back at a day, an experience or a life.  The questions you ask in these situations will determine the lens with which you view it.  We have a choice! Now, let me say there is really not much value in looking back, other than a cursory glance to learn the lesson, good or bad.  It is this moment that we have our greatest opportunity, and unfortunately we miss it, in our haste to get on with our busy lives.

I have a belief that has served me well.  It is one idea which was instilled in me early by a very beautiful person, my sweet Grandmother, Mary. The long and short of it is life is created NOW, through the thoughts we think NOW, the action we take NOW, the lessons we acknowledge NOW. We have a choice, to align our focus where we choose to.  There is no consistent power found in looking back, reminiscing or attempting to remodel what has happened, yet that is what we are programmed to do, as if looking back would change it or bring it forward. I go into greater detail on this in my upcoming book, Welcome to Your Life.


A forward moving, creative and abundant life is created through the questions we are willing to ask……and answer.  Try this today…… At the end of any experience, a meeting, a day, ask yourself the following:

Did I do my best? 

What would I do different?

Did I bring Love to the experience?

How can I harvest the greatness and bring it forward into NOW?

These questions are open ended and we are able to learn much about how we are programmed by looking at our answers.  Negative pole thinking will create the same result tomorrow and I want you to be aware when and how your unconscious thoughts are impacting your life.  Notice what you notice when you answer the questions NOW.  You are in control and perhaps it will take some practice but in the end, awareness will create focus on the answers that will move you forward.

At the end of the day, you and I each have a choice.  Questions create choice awareness.  Use them to seek the experience you want.